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DNR Fish and Wildlife Advisory Groups Application Questionnaire - 2022

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) relies on public advisory groups and task forces as one way to work with Minnesotans to achieve the department's mission. Some are open-ended and others are limited in duration. Membership design differs according to the purpose and sometimes provisions in statute. Participation in one of these appointed roles is one way that Minnesotans can contribute ideas and perspectives.

As an applicant for appointment to a DNR advisory committee, data collected from you is classified as private under Minnesota Statutes, section 13.601, subd.3, except for the following public data: name, city of residence, education and training, employment history, volunteer work, awards and honors, prior government service, and veteran status. Once appointed, additional data becomes public, including your residential address and a designated email address or a phone number, or both at your request. Application data will be used to consider your appointment and to contact you when determining your qualifications as an applicant. You are not required by law to provide this information. However, if you do not provide it, DNR will not be able to determine your eligibility or to contact you. Your private data will be available to DNR personnel whose work duties or assignments require access, to those who are assisting with the application review and evaluation, to those as required or allowed by state or federal law or pursuant to court order and to those with your written consent.


Demographic information

Please tell us more about yourself to support the DNR's goal of working to recruit committees that represent the demographics of the state.